Best Hack

I was just thinking what my best hack has been and I think it’s the fix for the following scenario.

I was refactoring the RSinteract source code to get rid of some duplicated classes that had over the course of a, shall we say, rigourous development schedule got disparate. Some classes were used from one set some from the other. I merged them into the common library and deleted all the old ones. This was fine until we ran an old report that had filters on it. Because the types had been serialized into the custom RDL of the report they had the old namespace stored there. Which threw an error when deserializing with the new hierarchy.

So what to do… I had a brainwave:

The empty proxy class in the old namespace that inherits from the new class. Leave a comment as to why. Et voila! No more broken old reports.

What’s your best hack imaginary readers?

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